Victory this week, the next battle will be over Taxes

We saw another victory to celebrate today with McConnell pulling the vote on the disastrous Graham-Cassidy bill.

Take a breath, rest and relax, but just for a moment. Because here’s what’s next

This article here from the Center On Budget and Policy Priorities gives data on the now-dead bill and how it would have affected people. Since that effort failed,  we believe the GOP will now look for other ways to give money to those that don’t need it, the top 1%.

That’s why we believe the next big battle will be on “tax reform”. As we presented in our last general meeting, there is no “reform” to their plan. Put simply, it’s a huge “tax cut” for the rich. We are launching our #NotOnePenny campaign, and here is some information you can share and discuss with folks.

So, celebrate your victory for a few moments,  and stay tuned for “what’s next”.