Kentucky “Balanced Budget Bill” is a Threat to the U.S. Constitution

There is a movement calling for a Constitutional Convention to “propose an amendment to the United States Constitution requiring a balanced budget.” Resolutions to this effect have been passed in 28 of the 34 states required to call for such a “Con Con”. The problem is that a Con Con cannot be limited to any single issue. There is a different process for adding an amendment to the constitution, but that is not what these resolutions are calling for.  For a detailed analysis of the Con Con Crisis including the funding behind it, watch the video below by Sellus Wilder.  You can follow Sellus on Facebook and Twitter, as well as connect with Kentucky Constitutional Convention Watch on Facebook. Kentuckians for the Commonwealth is hosting an Emergency Action Call Sunday night at 8 pm EST.  Click Here to Register.  

These Resolutions will Allow Corporate Lobbyist to Rewrite the United States Constitution 

House Concurrent Resolution 13 and House Joint Resolution 54 are moving forward in Kentucky and will be heard at 2:00 p.m. on Monday, March 6th in Annex Room 171 of the Kentucky State Capitol, 700 Capital Ave, Frankfort, KY 40601.  This is a bi-partisan issue and should unite support across the state and the aisle.  We want a government for the people and by the people – not for corporations and by corporations.

We Must Unite and Take Action Before 2 p.m. Monday

Click Here to Find your Kentucky House Representative’s contact information including home, work, and office phone numbers as well as email addresses and twitter handles.  Use all of these methods of contact to make your voice heard on this extremely dangerous threat to our democracy.  

Tell them to VOTE NO on House Concurrent Resolution 13 and House Joint Resolution 54