#ResistTrumpTuesdays: Ban Bannon! Support Our Judicial Branch!

Join us this Tuesday, February 7, 2017 as we gather outside Senator Mitch McConnell’s office to urge him to stop Steve Bannon and to support our Judicial Branch. The rally will take place in front of 601 West Broadway in Louisville during lunch on Tuesday beginning at 11:30 AM.

This week’s themes are “Ban Bannon!” and “Support Our Judicial Branch!” We are outraged over Steve Bannon’s major role in last week’s immigration ban and want to show our support for the judicial system that is fighting against it.

Please bring your posters and signs showing your anger over Steve Bannon’s role in the White House & your support of the checks & balances of the Judicial Branch that are keeping the immigration ban in the courts. There will also be multiple speakers beginning at 11:30.

In addition to the rally, we will be making appointments with Andrew Condia (Senator McConnell’s field rep) for that day. Please call the office in advance to set up your meeting with Mr. Condia to discuss our two concerns for this week.

We suggest going in pairs; it’s always easier (and more fun!) when you have someone at your side. Tuesday meetings are ideal, but if you’re unable to make it on Tuesday, any other day works just as well!

You can reach Mr. Condia using this contact information:

Office: (502) 582-6304
Cell: (202 213-4383

You can RSVP for the Tuesday event here so we can estimate how many people will be in attendance. You can also stay up to date with discussion about this Tuesday’s event on Facebook.


We are watching the weather for Tuesday’s rally.

If there is a tornado watch or a severe thunderstorm warning active between 11-12, anywhere in Jefferson County, the rally will be CANCELED.

If this is the case, please make sure to call to make an appointment to speak with Andrew Condia (Senator McConnell’s field rep) or someone else in McConnell’s Louisville office for sometime during the week! Even if we can’t rally, we can still make our voices heard.