Protesting the Inauguration from home

Today’s #DailyResistance is mindful neglect. This is a nonviolent way of protesting an illegitimate transfer of power.

We know that DJT watches his ratings and popularity like a hawk watches a wounded rodent. It has been a thorn in his side that “his” big event has not gotten the attention he feels he deserves. In the interest of self-care, and out of a desire to not feed his need for attention, here are a few things you can do.

1) The Inauguration: Do not watch the inauguration in any way that your viewership will be counted. This means don’t watch it online, and don’t stream it. If have TiVO or DVR, set your box to record a different, unrelated show during that same time period. If you are a Neilson household, make sure to turn your TV to something else. Even if these actions don’t get “counted” it will likely make you feel better, which is worth it in itself.

2) Twitter/Social Media: Un-following DJT’s twitter. However, this does not mean that you won’t check out what he is saying – you just won’t be one of the numbers that “count” as following him. In addition, don’t retweet or quote his tweets directly. If you find you need to respond to something he has tweeted, you can take a snapshot of the tweet and include the image rather than tagging him – this way he gets no satisfaction from your interaction. You can do the same thing on facebook – cut and paste rather than share.

3) If you subscribed to DJT’s campaign material so that you could follow what was going on, then today make sure to unsubscribe from all of it.

4) From now on, do not refer to DJT as either his title or by his last or full name. Don’t mock him (as much as you may want to) but simply refer to him as DJT.

5) Consider replacing your social media profile pictures with a flag at half-mast to demonstrate your patriotism and grief for the country.

What actions have you heard of or are you doing to protest today’s activities?

3 thoughts on “Protesting the Inauguration from home

  1. wingedmammal

    There’s a Twitter account called @UnfollowTrump that automatically retweets all of his tweets (by copying the text rather than actually retweeting) so you can follow that account and know what he’s saying without giving him the satisfaction of having followers/comments/retweets.

    Also, be sure to unfollow the @POTUS, @VP, @FLOTUS, and @WhiteHouse accounts, those have gone into the new administration’s hands. The good guys are archived at @POTUS44, @VP44, @FLOTUS44, and @ObamaWhiteHouse. They’ve got active versions at @BarackObama, @MichelleObama, and @JoeBiden.

  2. Cathy Heck

    Wearing all black. Just returned home and saw a neighbor out walking wearing all black. Stopped to talk and we congratulated each other on our choice of attire/silent protest. Told her to lookup @Indivisibleky on Facebook.

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