Pick up the phone: Demand support for Kentucky’s miners

We Demand Senators McConnell and Paul support Kentucky’s Miners and Mining Communities

Use the script below to call (or fax if you can’t get through) Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul and tell both of them to support the passage of the Miners Protection Act and the RECLAIM Act. Make this call the week of April 24-27.

The Miners Protection Act
Tens of thousands of miners and their families will lose their healthcare after April 28, 2017 unless something is done. And their pension plan will soon be insolvent. The Miners Protection Act (S.175), sponsored by Sen. Joe Manchin (D. W.Va.) has bipartisan support and will provide a permanent fix for both the pension and healthcare fund. Tell McConnell and Paul to save BOTH funds and support passage of The Miners Protection Act. 
Read the November 21, 2016 letter to House and Senate Leadership from bi-partisan sponsors of The Miners Protection Act.

The RECLAIM Act (S.738) would provide an immediate economic boost to coal communities through the release of $1 billion to reclaim abandoned coal mines. This money could put laid off miners, who possess the earth-moving skills necessary for reclamation work and others to work reclaiming mines.
Read more about the RECLAIM Act.


My name is (FIRST AND LAST NAME) and I am a constituent from (CITY AND STATE). I am calling to urge the senator to support Kentucky’s miners and mining communities.

(1) I want him to support passage of The Miners Protection Act (S.175), because it has bipartisan support and will save BOTH the pension fund and healthcare fund for coal miners. Our government has a unique relationship with the coal miners. Congress promised lifetime health and pension benefits for the miners when it passed the Coal Act in 1992 and its amendments in 2006. We must keep our promises to them and save BOTH the health and pension funds.

(2) I want him to support passage of the RECLAIM Act (S.738) because it will mean an immediate economic boost to our coal communities and will help put unemployed coal miners and others back to work, while cleaning up abandoned mine land.

Through their difficult and hazardous work, our coal miners were indispensable to the success of every major industry in our country – utilities, steel mills, railroads. We must support their health, wellbeing, and success now.

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LOUISVILLE  (502) 582-6304
LONDON (606) 864-2026
BOWLING GREEN (270) 781-1673
FORT WRIGHT (859) 578-0188
LEXINGTON (859) 224-8286
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