Not One Penny! Rally Sunday With Congressman Yarmuth Against The GOP Tax Scam

Sunday, Dec. 10
Metro Hall, 527 W Jefferson St., Louisville

Congressman John Yarmuth, along with other KY elected officials, will be joining us this Sunday, on the steps of Metro Hall. Why? Because Republicans in Congress are determined to give their wealthy cronies a tax windfall before they (hopefully) lose their majority in the 2018 election. Please bring signs that show what impact the tax scam will have on you and your family.

This #TrumpTaxScam is a massive giveaway to the wealthiest 1%, and they want to pay for it by raising taxes on many middle class families, and by forcing deep cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security in a few years. Oh, and let’s not forget the estimated 1.5 TRILLION dollars it would add to the deficit.

The fight over this huge tax break for the wealthiest is NOT OVER. The GOP is working feverishly, before everyone has time to figure out how bad it really is, to reconcile the House and Senate versions of the bill to try for a final vote next week. So Indivisible KY and Together We Will Louisville/Southern Indiana , along with the Not One Penny Campaign, are hosting this rally to make our voices heard to our members of Congress that #NotOnePenny is to go to the wealthy or corporations. Come out and add your voice.

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