Military Vehicles Flying Trump Flag Possibly ‘Trump Militia’

Is This Trump’s Militia?

This video was taken Jan. 29th, on 64N just south of Louisville, KY. The Lexington Herald Leader reported another video of this convoy last night.  As you can see from the video, these appear to be Army humvee vehicles, and they are traveling in a conventional military convoy style and manner.  They have some military-style markings on them, namely the id numbers on the back, but do not have any license plates, military or private, nor any military unit identifications.  To the casual observer, they certainly appear military affiliated.  Ft Knox has denied they belong to them, the KyNG had denied ownership, and the Pentagon thinks they may be “surplus”. We believe they could possibly belong to DoD contractors, ie Frontier Services Group(FSG) or Reflex Responses Management Consultancy(RRMC), who are private armies, both owned by Erik Prince(DeVos’s brother). They have a possible presence at Fort Knox for training as DoD contractors. FSG and RRMC operate at least 70 aircraft and countless vehicles inside the US. (They have been contracted to handle security for Trump.)

No matter who these belong to, military, militia, DoD contractor, the appearance is more than a little unsettling.  It creates the perception that the military is loyal to Trump, when in fact the military swears an oath to the constitution, not to a person or an office.  Was this erroneous perception intended?  We have no way of knowing. Is this in fact some sort of private armed force loyal to Trump, also no way of knowing.  No matter the answer, it’s more than a little unsettling.