Kentucky Indivisible groups demand that our Senators McConnell and Paul and all elected officials repudiate Trump, racism and hate

Donald Trump’s back-and-forth responses following the violence that wracked Charlottesville mark a significant and dangerous turning point in this troubled presidency. On the first day, he sought to blame “many sides” for the hateful violence spurred by neo-Nazis and the alt-right. On day two, he appeared to back away, reportedly under pressure from wiser White House heads, and seemingly grudgingly, unwillingly, like a child forced to apologize, he said the right things … briefly … until day three, when in an impromptu rant that many pundits have declared “unhinged,” he let his true spirit come out, and he made it all far, far worse.

The President’s statements blaming both sides are inconsistent with the facts of the Charlottesville violence. His attempt to equate white supremacy with identity politics is a tired old argument. Meanwhile, Kentucky’s Senators, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senator Rand Paul, have offered only tepid responses that appropriately excoriate neo-Nazi and alt-right intolerance and racial hatred, but don’t call out Trump for his intolerable statements, thus accepting and excusing his unacceptable response.

The President’s words in the wake of Charlottesville show exactly and unequivocally who he is and where, and with whom, he stands. He has defended white supremacists and Nazis and the alt-right. His own words convict him as unfit and undeserving of the high office that he occupies.

This cannot continue. We demand that McConnell and Paul, all other Kentucky officials, and all elected leaders, Republican and Democrat and Independent alike, from the vice president, Senators and Representatives down to local mayors and council members, stand up, speak out, and tell the public where they stand. We call on them to to clearly and immediately denounce the President’s actions. We call on them to denounce white supremacy, Naziism, the alt-right, and the racial and ethnic hatred that they represent. And we call on them to demand that Trump resign or take steps to impeach him.

We are Indivisible.

Indivisible Kentucky
Indivisible Danville