June 30 | Broken Promises: Rally for a Healthier Heartland

Source: Vox

We invite you to join us this Friday as we rally for a healthier heartland. Working with the Heartland Progressive Alliance, Indivisible Kentucky will share stories and deliver speeches about the nation’s health care system and how Trumpcare would create a new health care crisis.

Since this event will take place outside a Mitch McConnell fundraiser, we encourage everyone to bring signs to support a unified, non-violent message directed at the man spearheading the campaign to destroy Obamacare.

During the rally we’ll be discussing the wildly unpopular Senate Better Care Reconciliation Act (which would take health care access from 22 million people) and how it will affect Kentuckians. 

Date: Friday, June 30, 2017
Time: 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Location:  Near the Historic State  Theater in Downtown Elizabethtown [check here for up to date details on where we will form up and where to park]
Organized By: IndivisibleKY & Heartland Progressive Alliance
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The Senate Trumpcare bill will not only slash $772 Billion from Medicaid, but it would also cut $424 Billion from insurance subsidies – all to fund generous tax cuts for the wealthy. Moreover, seniors will be forced to pay up to five times as much as younger people for the same coverage. Overall, Trumpcare will essentially return the nation to an era where health insurance was unattainable for those without means or wealth.

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office stated this outright in their report on the legislation saying:

Under this legislation, starting in 2020, the premium for a silver plan would typically be a relatively high percentage of income for low-income people. The deductible for a plan with an actuarial value of 58 percent would be a significantly higher percentage of income — also making such a plan unattractive, but for a different reason. As a result, despite being eligible for premium tax credits, few low-income people would purchase any plan, CBO and JCT estimate.

With high deductibles and a return to lifetime limits, anyone who did purchase insurance under Trumpcare would still run the risk of going bankrupt – with or without hefty medical bills.

It’s time to stand up to Senator Mitch McConnell and other congressional Republicans. Join us on Friday and ensure your voice is heard!