2017 Kentucky State Fair | Can you help?

Indivisible Kentucky is considering getting a booth at the 2017 Kentucky State Fair, August 17 through 27 in Louisville. We need to know now if this is practical or possible. Many groups plan the whole year for this sort of thing because this will require a large group of volunteers to staff the booth.

We’ve developed a survey for folks to let us know if they are interested in volunteering. We also want your feedback about what you think we should try to attempt to do at the booth. Relax, this is just an “interest” survey, not a commitment, but please do answer honestly as we’ll be using this to make decisions.

We are such a newly formed group of people that we aren’t sure we have the time, talent and treasure to staff a booth for 11 full days. We’d need a group of people that could cover the booth from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (or some nights 10 p.m.) from August 17th through 27th.

The benefits of having a booth on Main Street at the fair is that we’d have a presence that would let us recruit volunteers and spread our message to folks from Louisville and Jefferson County. We also know that thousands of Kentucky residents from outside of Louisville visit the fair each year. We could choose to do a wide variety of outreach, education and connecting people at an Indivisible Kentucky booth.

Thank you for being part of Indivisible Kentucky and we’ll let you know what we decide before the end of May so people can make plans.